Tips for directors while filming

By Rahul Nair
In Directing
Jun 11th, 2014

Filmmaking is a tough business to take on, just like the wall street, one wrong step and all your stocks will be down. So to help you up we have come up with some useful tips for film-making aspirants.

  • 1. If you want professional reliability from your crew, you must first be a model of professionalism yourself.
  • 2. Trust your crew reasonably and they will rise to crisis selflessly.
  • 3. Have meals and coffee breaks and build predictably into the schedule.
  • 4. Always maintain communication.
  • 5. Keep abreast of developments.
  • 6. During breaks, encourage discussion of the production.


  • 7. Above all, encourage involvement.
  • 8. Shooting should take place in as calm an atmosphere as possible.
  • 9. A calm respectful atmosphere is a necessity.
  • 10. Choose colleagues carefully.
  • 11. If you are sympathetic towards the crew’s problems, they will be generous when you want their help solving one of yours.

So if you have any more points to add up here please make your valuable comments here and enlighten others who are in making.


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