Malayalam Friday Release – July 10, 2015

By Rahul Nair
In Mollywood Friday Release
Jul 10th, 2015

Kanyaka Talkies is the debut feature film by K R Manoj, national award winning documentary film maker. The film had won the Kerala State Film Award for best debutant director, best sound recording and second best actress. Although it has been to lots of film festivals and won awards; it is releasing only now after 2 years. It is the only film releasing this Friday in selected theatres across Kerala.

Kanyaka Talkies

Kanyaka Talkies
Directed by K. R. Manoj
Produced by Tropical Cinema & Work in Progress
Written by P. V. Shajikumar, Ranjini Krishnan and K. R. Manoj
Starring Murali Gopy, Lena, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Alencier Ley, Indrans, Sudheer Karmana
Cinematography Shehnad Jalaal
Edited by Mahesh Narayanan
Running time 115 minutes


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