Shot by Shot

Feb 19th, 2014

Film Directing Shot by Shot is a book which focuses on the basics of a shot composition. First Frame has taken an initiative to understand these shot compositions through films and so as to achieve this it will be analyzing some of the selected films frame by frame or from one shot to an another movement or transition.

This is the section where you get to access all the films which are divided into shots and are made into PDF so that filmmakers and students can analyze the film . This is solely done by Rahul Nair. It is provided to all without any restrictions as it is intended for educational purpose only.

As you all know these kind of work takes time and lots of energy so we will try to update this page once or twice a month depending on the time and requests i get. If you have a film in your mind, feel free to comment over here and we may consider the same.

1. Last Chance Harvey